Bottom line: Get a case, a screen protector and insurance -- and hold on tight.

Apple's i Phone X has an all-screen OLED display -- but "all-screen" doesn't mean it's exactly bezel-free.

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To help you decide whether it's worth the wait (and the money), here are some highlights from our full review: , all of which have the potential to draw customers in from Apple's orbit.

Especially if the i Phone X proves to be too hard to find for too long.

And the Galaxy S8 and Note 8 are considerably less expensive than the pricy i Phone X.

We've published some impressions of how the i Phone X stacks up against the best Android phones on the market today.

Apple says that the i Phone X's fast-charging feature supports Apple's 29W, 61W and 87W USB-C power adapters -- which are not included with the phone -- and which cost $49 to $79 (or £49 to £79, or AU$69 to AU$109).

And then you must shell out another (£25/AU) for the USB-C to Lightning cable.

Still, you may want to consider a simple password to .

Consumer Reports also found the i Phone X to be highly sensitive and, as a result, ranked it lower than not only the i Phone 8 and 8 Plus but also Samsung's Galaxy S8, the S8 Plus and Note 8.

It's got much more screen real estate than any existing i Phone, even the The i Phone X can charge faster than previous models, sucking in enough power to restore itself to 50 percent battery in about 30 minutes, Apple claims.

But taking advantage of this feature will cost you.

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