New York was at the forefront of the Underground Railroad movement, and its prime location and politics made it a destination of choice for many Africans fleeing slavery along the eastern seaboard.

The Women's Rights Movement was born in New York State, in Seneca Falls.

She was taken away in the patrol car shortly afterwards and spent six days in jail for second degree assault before posting bail After the incident, she was charged with second degree assault.

Hawkins claimed she scratched him in the forehead, drawing blood.

Two other officers then ran over to assist the men. Hawkins is seen getting to his feet then sharply kicking in the direction of her head.

Williams' head, which was lying under the other officers, is not visible at this point in the video.

Williams (above in pink trousers) had just taken her injured boyfriend to the University of Colorado Hospital emergency room on December 22, 2015, when Hawkins (above left) requested she hand over her car keys so that he could confiscate her vehicle for his investigation.

She refused and the pair are seen talking about it at the side of his patrol car Two other officers then joined in and subdued the woman to handcuff her on the ground.

Visit One of the most scenically magnificent areas in the eastern U.

S., Letchworth State Park, whose gorge is renowned as the "Grand Canyon of the East," as the Genesee River roars through it over three major waterfalls between cliffs as high as 600 feet surrounded by lush forests.

Above, a trail of blood outside it and next to the gunman James Holmes's car Hawkins was lauded as a hero for his efforts during the shooting.