To urge a teen to “come out” is profoundly harmful and even dangerous.Scholar Robert Oscar Lopez has written on his blog “English Manif” how these young men are targeted for what can only be described as sexual abuse by older men.

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We all have those and we are called upon to resist them, though most of us do not expect huzzahs for doing so.

The “5 percent” refers to certain propositions they espouse that are at odds with the Church. Some of them go even further and insist on calling themselves “queer.” The Church teaches there is no “gay identity.” We are children of God—first, last and always, and the Church frowns on anything else.

There is a group of Catholics who experience same-sex attraction. They live lives of prayer, brotherhood and friendship, along with a sexual chastity that is proper to their station in life.

They accept the teachings of the Church on sexual morality. You might think that I would loathe these people, hate them, despise them, and want to drive them from the Church.

Indeed, the Church teaches only two human beings were ever born without the temptation to sin.

The Church is for not only the tempted but also those who have fallen to temptation.

The New Homophiles reject the notion that same-sex desire can or should be treated with psychological counseling, though the Church clearly teaches that same-sex desire has a psychological origin.

The New Homophiles do not believe there is anything wrong with their attractions, only acting on them sexually.

This Church-approved apostolate is filled with heroic men and women working hard to live according to Catholic teaching. There should be Courage chapters in every diocese in the world.