This is a very good book on the rise of German Fascism.

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It documents Hitler's orders to Goebbels and Goering to maintain leadership roles in the church, to maintain credibility, against their will and how in his own words "...

after difficult inner struggles I had freed myself of my remaining childhood religious conceptions...".

Gene Veith has written a powerful history of the rise of fascism in the last two centuries, and creates building blocks of understanding that modern fascism is alive and well, through the worldview, as espoused in today's culture.

World War II was only a precursor to the silent advances of this choking political aspiration. Wish I'd known about this book years ago, instead of discovering it a couple weeks ago.

The roots and fruit of fascism did not begin in the 20's nor end in the 40's.

Veith gives a rigorously researched and footnoted treatise.

This is wither you are a Christian, Jew, or a modern fascist.

As others have noted, "Fascism" has been reduced to an epithet reserved to the Left with which to beat the Right.

It wasn't until after the war, when the results became clear that many repudiated it.

This book shows the ideas actually lived on, tracing them through specific people and events into the "kinder, gentler" faces we now call New Age and "PC" and "Post-modernism".

This book explores the fascist influences that continue to permeate modern culture and thought.