(Like, think ALI, think the dozen released from Gitmo in the last month, think of the countless government financed gas station placements of Yeminis and other mooslims into the rural south, where law enforcement is grossly out manned (in Panola, 20 cops on beat in 35,000 person county), is totally inexperienced and unexperienced in crime investication, in a state where the state crime lab is back logged by weeks (In nearby MEMPHIS, rape kits are backlogged by YEARS, like 15 years, for example.) POST SCRIPT re LE corruption: while so many of the gangbangers listed on FB pages show affiliation with Mississippi State University, many playing sports, many using those made up street names (like one star player on MSU’s highly ranked 2014 team, went by “Market), it appears that leadership positions in the county and LE are Ole Miss?

(VIA NBC) Friends and family members of Jessica Chambers, the Mississippi woman who was set on fire and burned to death this week, packed a funeral chapel Saturday to remember her life — as questions remained about who killed her in such a horrible way.

Deborah Sanders, the 19-year-old’s aunt, said before the service at Wells Funeral in Batesville that the support of the community following the young woman’s death has helped comfort the family, but they are desperate to find whoever killed her. “We’re going to focus our energy on the capture of those who did this,” said Sanders, who planned to honor her by decorating a Christmas tree in her honor — the holiday was Jessica’s favorite time of year.

During that conversation Wilkerson stated what she already confirmed during a TV interview, that Jessica went to ““. However, unstated in the TV interview, but stated in the conversation being shared, was that Jessica was “raped by 4 males” at this party. However due to pronunciations, cultural use of odd nicknames, etc.

these might be “real names” or they could be “street names”.

However, on it’s face – and given the lack of association and vested interest – this information appears to be solid and reconcilable information given when contrast against all the prevailing possibilities floated.

Authorities have been notified of the CCTV possibility for the Skyline Motel.And here is additional information which can be used by LEO.Charlotte Wilkerson, aka “Auntie Sha-Sha”, had a conversation with another person (unnamed but solidly verified).FB friends: Jessica Chambers (her old FB account), AJ (Amanda) Prince (Jessica’s step-sister), Billy Prince (Amanda’s husband), Chris Hudson (Jessica’s step-brother), Ashley Chambers Sipes, Denise Tutor (George Mister’s girl), Dianah Switzer (Jessica’s girlfriend), Sandy Rudd (cousin to Kedrick Turner-car w/mag wheels seen in M&M surv.video), Ali Alsanai (M&M store clerk), Cole Haley (Fire Chief) From Panolian: City Court 2-17-12 …til the next court session Wednesday.PPS—-Black Randy, Ben Chambes Jr., others—dying in car crashes?