Daughter of Stoel Meech Frost Wife of Edward "Eddie" Rickenbacker, Medal of Honor and Leroy Joseph Smith Ex-wife of Cliff Durant Mother of David Rickenbacker (adopted) and William Rickenbacker (adopted) Adelaide Frost was born on May 21, 1885 in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

She and her sister, Phoebe, were the only children of Stoel Meech Frost, a wholesale grocer.

Cliff drove race cars and lived an equally fast life.

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Their mother died early in her life, and the girls were reared by their grandmother.

Adelaide's beauty and her remarkable singing voice led her to perform professionally in Detroit while still a teenager.

The captain of the Rickenbacker is William Diego, the hero of the battle of Boston Harbor and son of Edward Diego from the events of Citadel Station.

Deck A was heavily damaged by explosions when the Many overran the barricades the surviving military personnel had established.

George Beauchamp set to work creating an electric violin – he played a number of instruments – and decided not to pursue the company’s existing practice of casting bodies out of aluminum.

The problem, as he and other players discovered, was that aluminum expands substantially with increasing temperature; the Frying Pans were going out of tune under hot stage lights.

Several parts of the deck are open to space, the atmosphere only held in by force shields, making it difficult to navigate around.

Late 1940s Rickenbacker Model B After creating the first successful electric instruments in the early 1930s, the chief designers at Rickenbacker did anything but rest on their laurels.

Their unique shape and clear, snappy tone has set them aside from other instruments.