They have a /month option, but they give you 768M RAM versus the 512M that you get from most other VPS providers for that price.With that decided I ran through the install using their console and was up and running in no time.Here's a high res copy which I'm allowing for personal use (signs, shirts, buttons).

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By using systemd we learned how to use it to control connecting to the VPNs, using the Open VPN client.

Steps Install the Open VPN client Verify the openvpn client is installed Debian/Ubuntu apt-get install openvpn RHEL/Cent OS yum install openvpn Get VPN keys, certifiates and configs From your remote host, get the files or zip file that includes your VPN keys, certificates and configs Place the files (unzipping any archives) into /etc/openvpn on your client Configure Open VPN session In the directory /etc/openvpn copy the .

Jenkins was the jumbled mess you'd expect with unsupported plugins, new configurations breaking builds, and more fun, Sonar was so out of date I started from scratch after dropping the old databse, but Git Lab was the one I was looking forward to, and while it was enlightening, it wasn't much fun!

This documentary about Superflex, a Danish art collective responsible for the current main hall exhibition at Tate Modern in London, is remarkable.

When getting started with Linux and open source software, running websites was one of the first things I learned how to do.

Of course with the way software evolves, I’m still learning new ways to better secure, encrypt and protect web assests.

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External scanners are fine but are mostly relegated to be run by the security teams, so using an open source auditing tool can help with security auditing, hardening, and compliance while helping to determine if you have things configured and setup optimally.