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Our Cathedral dominates the skyline, gathering pilgrims, visitors and tourists to enjoy its splendid architecture, music and art.

It is a FACT that if we marry, Social Security expects us to become the financial burden of our spouse. This can put a huge amount of stress on the person having to do all the care, and the person with a disability may become trapped in a harmful situation, with no way out.

If ourespouse is able-bodied,how are they going to have a job and provide services? If both people have a disability, both of their services are cut.

I shared the work I have been doing over the past two years, to spread marriage equality to people with disabilities on Facebook, reminding people that our work is not done if we want marriage for all.

It received a firestorm of both criticism and support.

au To all who feel they have been hurt by the failures of the Church, we want to express compassion and hope that we are able to move on together.

Moving on is a project that requires patience and forgiveness and sensitivity to one another, but it is at the heart of what we are about in the Church.

Today was a historic day for LGBT people as SCOTUS ruled to extend marriage to same-sex couples, and several transgender people born in states like Tennessee and Ohio, unable to marry because of their states refusing to change their gender marker on their birth certificates.

I am celebrating for all my friends who now have the right to marry, but I cannot celebrate for myself, because I still cannot get married.

The person that makes such decisions is not being given a choice. How can anyone tell me I have a choice when choosing between living life and marriage?

That choice has been taken from them because invariably they are going to choose life, food, medication, having help doing bodily functions, etc. It is a FACT that you don’t even have to be married to lose these services.

We seek to offer worship with beauty, colour, order and dignity as with open hearts and minds we respond to the living God who makes himself known here.