Our responsibilities can be overwhelming and things often don't go as you planned, so you have to roll with it. The series begins a year after Susan's first divorce, when she is still emotionally raw.Throughout the series, several other characters have confronted Susan about her inability to live happily and without drama.During the series' debut season, both the character and Hatcher's performance received positive critical reception; however, as the series progressed, the character was received less favorably by critics and fans.

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I thought there was something so real about a woman saying, 'I don't have much time left,' and when this available hunky guy moves onto the street, something in her saying 'Let me at him'".

She called the character "a great representation of what [everyone] deals with daily.

Mike discovers Dave's plans and is able to save Susan and M. After the ordeal, Susan and Mike share a brief, yet romantic kiss.

Dave is sent to a psychiatric hospital in Boston and two months later, Mike marries an unidentified bride.

Susan attempts to console Edie's husband, Dave Williams (Neal Mc Donough), following Edie's death.

She explains the truth behind her own accident, completely unaware that Lila and Paige Dash were Dave's wife and daughter, respectively, and that he had been seeking revenge on Mike since moving to Wisteria Lane.

Susan begins dating Mike, despite competition from Edie Britt (Nicollette Sheridan).

Later, Susan discovers that Mary Alice's husband, Paul (Mark Moses), had their son, Zach (Cody Kasch), committed to a youth mental institution after he broke into the Van de Kamp house and decorated it for Christmas, In this time of need, both Mike and Karl vie for Susan's affections.

In 2003, Karl left Susan for his secretary, Brandi (Anne Dudek).

A year after her divorce, Susan takes an interest in Mike Delfino (James Denton), a plumber who has recently moved in across the street.

Her susceptibility to bad luck and embarrassing situations have created some of the series' most memorable moments, including accidentally burning down Edie's house and being locked out of her own house completely naked.