These tips should help you find love for the holidays (or start the process).

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I do this, not because I’m a big Christmas person, but because I enjoy being funny and meeting new people.

Wearing a Christmas sweater or Christmas shirt of any kind, especially one that is funny, is a great conversation starter.

You can likely find parties and events among your family, friends, and co-workers. Also, check out Meetup, Eventbrite, and Facebook Events for public holiday events. Usually your local media will advertise Christmas and other holiday parties, as well.

I own a few ugly Christmas sweaters that I start wearing right after Thanksgiving.

Of course, if random, attractive people talk to you about your sweater, then you’ll need to actually respond to them with genuine conversation.

And, if you build a degree of rapport, you can even get the other person’s phone number or add him or her on social media. We wrote an article that explains more about using an ugly Christmas sweater to meet new people.When I was younger, I watched a movie about a lonely woman finding love on Christmas.Her life was a mess and she had been single for years.You might not wake up with a partner in a red bow under your tree.But, these tips will help you work towards finding a quality relationship.Believe it or not, detachment frees you to be successful in many areas.