By the time the evening programs came on, mom was ready to put her feet up and take a well-deserved break. We have more clutter and we have more distractions like television and internet.

All in all the daily cleaning routine back then was not difference between then and now is that our standards have slipped a bit these days. We seldom dedicate three hours every day to getting the house tidy. Doing things like wiping out the oven weekly and cleaning out the refrigerator weekly does not usually happen in every home anymore. If we kept up with these tasks weekly, they would be much quicker and easier and less daunting.

There were also some commercial cleaning products like Simoniz floor cleaner, Spick N Span, Brillo pads, and Windex, but most women used the basics and a lot of elbow grease.

Bathrooms were cleaned daily so it was a fast chore–no scrubbing required.

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I even remember loving the days when it rained because I got to wear my raincoat and my rain boots and use my umbrella. In the fall, I’d enjoy swishing through the leaves.

In the winter, I remember catching snowflakes on my tongue while we walked. Late Morning/Early Afternoon Once mom returned from delivering the children to school, she’d often settle any younger children then she’d take a small break for tea and maybe listen to a morning radio show (usually heavily slanted toward wives and mothers because career women were almost unheard of). The entire cleaning routine involved about three hours each day.

The beds were made and bedrooms tidied even before leaving for school, so now it was on to bathrooms, kitchen, living room, laundry, and floors.

Most cleaning was done with simple cleaning products such as baking soda, vinegar, ammonia, lemon, castile soap, and borax.

Next, mom would move on to tidying the living room, dusting all furnishings, and controlling paper and other clutter.