If two people wish to be involved they are both straight with one another.Unlike what goes on today amongst some Muslims, they both meet each other and make a contract to marry.

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How is this to help, when the guidance comes too late. The path to understanding and following Islam comes from learning first.

Muslim College Life; Dating, Drinking and Deen Freedom.

This is why in college you find a whole generation that does what they want.

Life's short they say, let's enjoy ourselves while we can. In college you find the most amazing things, Muslims who don't pray, Muslims who date , go out to parties and drink. For one, when students go off to university they finally realize that what they beleived in was blind. Islamic culture to them means marrying someone they never knew.

In fact we could die anytime, this is a definate, the _only_ dead certain thing in our life.

Most of us believe we can make up for our actions later or we can be religious later. Young people live for the day when they can move out of the house and go to college and finally be free.Freedom from their parents, from restrictions on their lifestyle, from everyone telling them what to do.(Quran ) Once students have this rock-solid intellectual beleif in Islam, the corruptness and falseness of the people around them is clear.The beauty and wisdom of the islamic way, the best alternative is clear. If others think they were weird to pray or weird to be honest, they would still pray and still be honest because they know their deen.Imagine all the heartache youth would save if they followed the Islamic alternative.