Others mongers may have been in a long-term relationship, and are just looking to spice things up.

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Get a smart phone, since you can do calls, text messages and web browsing all in one without having to pay for a separate data plan. Always in Private Mode (Chrome is best, I hear Firefox has it now). 4) I always shower AFTER contact in the establishment. Obviously, to charge your visit tells your S/O where you've been. My suggestions which are probably listed here: use cash, have a separate phone, preferably with a different carrier than your family, and don't let the bills go to your house or main email. Change of clothes or ability to take a shower is almost a must, unless you find a place where there is no scented or oil or perfume from the provider.

The 'minutes' can be used for anything just mentioned and they last for 3 or 4 months. I have been considering even bringing my own bar of soap, because the soaps provided are usually too smelly.

Even if you shower at the parlor or gym, what happens if you come home and suddenly she wants to mess around, but junior isn't up to the task because he's still raw from a strokefest? Make sure your phone can't be found via i Phone finder, etc.

Also, the best way to get a good appointment is to call ahead. If you set a time, say during lunch hour, you can leave and return promptly and not be gone for a huge expanse of time.

Most of the time it's because they are shy, scared, have some other issue that keeps them from just walking up to a woman and teasing her into a conversation. If you fail, refuse or falsely ID yourself, you can be arrested. Avoid places with indiscreet entrances or indiscreet parking.

Also, locking the front door is usually a violation (city codes normally require doors to be unlocked while a business is open). If you don't try to hide anything, but you can still be discreet about it, you don't raise the suspicion. By "discreet", I mean don't walk into your place with a smile brighter than the sun, don't smell like you've been to a New Orleans cat house, etc. Although you can sometimes solve the parking problem by parking down the street and walking in.As for the lotion/oils from Hell, just ask for unscented baby oil or even better, unscented baby powder massage. 4) Hobby Phone 5) Always keep enough cash for door fee and tip in your car or wallet for when that urge arises. I appreciate this topic and look forward to tips from experienced members. Alas, I've been in this hobby for far much longer than the Lord had intended me, but the temptation is too great to resist.The feel of hands actually massaging you instead of just sliding over your body really does feel much better, at least to my old body. One other thing is make your preferences known before your Went to an old standby, one of my favs was working. Then it came to me (Part of my job is putting up and taking down xmas items for clients) I told her I just came from a Lowe's xmas clearance and I must have rubbed up against some items I bought. 6) Hobby Phone 7) Keep a spare shirt in your car to change into before session then back out of before getting back home. I shall answer your questions in the order you have asked them, as a servant of the Lord. One of my main tips would be to purchase a type of cologne (doesn't have to be big or expensive, but better to dish out a little bit of $$$ on something that doesn't smell like Satan's semen), and keep it with you when you go for your visits.Then before I got back to the car I got a call to see how the new girl was. While this is not totally related, but posting it here as I can't post on Forums as a regular user. well thats a deeper subject than I can go into here, but longcash is better, also do not go anywhere close to your house.I wanted to see if there is an option of a more expanded membership for members who submit reviews. There are like 2 of them within a block radius of my house. These days with smartphones GPS people can track your phones.Small, but very valuable steps, like using cash only, in order to not leave a paper trail, or wear a certain type of clothing to conceal yourself, etc, etc. I can't believe so many became members by giving their personal details! You can opt to not get statements mailed or emailed.