"It's been an incredible journey, the last seven years," the 32-year-old presenter says. I have my opinion, I'll watch someone on TV and go 'I just don't like them really'. Or I might say: she's not necessarily the person I would have put in that role. Probably not." Maybe she knows it's not her, it's us."I've been so lucky to do something I love - that's what I focus on. Female sports anchors have turned out to be a curious barometer for sexism in the social media age.

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"So I fired off the email and lo and behold, they emailed me back and said when will you be in London. I went and did the interview and a month later I was moving over.

At that stage, I still had it in my mind to do something with horses.

Aside from being sporty, Gredley has been called one of the most eligible bachelors in Britain and is one of the richest young men in the country - his fortune tops €224m. Did any of her girlfriends tease her about how minted he was?

"No, that has never come up in conversation at all," she responds.

I've a degree in journalism and a diploma, yes, I've been given opportunities but I've worked my way up as well." She reportedly receives a huge amount of fan mail from Sky Sports' overwhelmingly male viewership, but she seems to take it all in the right spirit. You would get things like someone had sent a picture of his teddy bears with his address on it.

It was sweet, I wasn't entirely sure of their age, so I didn't know how to take it.It has helped her endure - she has been at Sky Sports News for seven years now - and has established herself as one of the broadcaster's brightest stars which is no mean feat considering its roster of former sporting greats.She fronts the channel's widely praised GAA coverage over the summer and has won warm reviews for her work.She hardly makes a move out of place through any of it; no comment, and a big smile.It just seems to blow like a storm around her - she has that perfect newsreader quality; sphinx-like and inscrutable.For someone so crisply professional, so carefully above the fray in her opinions, she has endured enormous scrutiny and comment.