You just have to remind yourself they aren't trying to make you feel insecure. It seems weird from the outside, but it makes sense to the two of you.

Sometimes when I'm sad, I just want to lay in bed and watch "Grey's." Stop trying to analyze that.

At universities, they tend to get lumped together in respective colleges of engineering and sciences (an establishment for which my particular university is well known).

Going to a school like mine where the STEM programs are top-notch, you meet a lot of intelligent people, and if you're lucky, you start to date one.

Being in a major that requires the utmost precision in order for what you're doing to work properly, such precision just becomes a lifestyle.

STEM majors will go to annoyingly great lengths to measure the appropriate amount of flour when you're just trying to bake a cake.

Elena jest załamana po śmierci rodziców w wypadku samochodowym. W ich mieście dochodzi do kilku zabójstw, które wyglądają tak, jakby ich sprawcą było dzikie zwierzę.

Pewnego dnia do jej szkoły przyjeżdża tajemniczy Stefan Salvatore. Okazuje się, że to wampir Damon Salvatore - zabójczo przystojny i arogancki, ale i uwodzicielski starszy brat Stefana. As of September 2013, it has been announced that the series will be renewed for an eighth season.The cast is beginning salary negotiations for future seasons.It seems like the total package, but once you get right down to it, there are some struggles you may find yourself facing.The characters of "The Big Bang Theory" consist of two theoretical physicists, an aerospace engineer, an astrophysicist, a microbiologist, and a neuroscientist (and of course, an aspiring actress, just to round things out).Penny finally meets Lucy and gets mad at her for breaking up with Raj.