And what a shock and honor it was to receive this award.

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I studied Hebrew and I actually fell in love with Hebrew grammar and ended up doing two full years of Hebrew, then took a year of Yiddish. I’ve been to Israel about a dozen times since I was 16.

By then I was half way through the minor, so I added classes in history and sociology, and that’s how I added Judaic studies to my minor. I have family that made aliyah in 1976 – my aunt and uncle and five of my cousins. A: My husband and I met in college and we had our first son in grad school after we got married.

But I’ve also been teaching neuroscience in the home school community since I got my degree. I think that the style of attachment parenting is a very traditional kind of parenting – it’s not new and trendy.

If you speak to women from previous generations you will find that things like keeping the baby close to you and breast feeding on demand – kind of intuitively wanting to be with your child — are very traditional.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Bialik received a B. The mother of two sons, she is a Certified Lactation Educator Counselor and is devoted to a lifestyle of attachment parenting, home schooling, natural family living, and vegan cooking.

She is currently writing a book on holistic parenting, to be released by Simon & Schuster in early 2012.

I think it’s very hard being female and being in acting – largely because of the publicity and the public aspects of it that revolve around a sense of fashion. For me, though, it’s more the aspects of the ‘red carpet’ and needing to wear designer clothes that are strapless, and all those things that I don’t do and that are actually extremely stressful and difficult to work around because it is a big part of the industry. I write very publicly about these issues related to tzniut (laws of modesty) – I write for, a Jewish parenting site.

I wrote last year four articles about trying to find a tzniut designer Emmy dress.

Bialik is also co-founder and chair of the youth branch of the Jewish Free Loan Association (Genesis) and speaks frequently on a variety of topics, including her journey to embracing traditional Jewish values.